Owner: Extreme Machines of Europe

Chassis: M59 Armoured Personnel Carrier with torsion suspension, original chassis setup by Loren Puyear, modified by Steve Flahery at Extreme Machines 2001, England.

Body: 1990 design steel G20 Chevy day van enclosing hood with hydraulic ram tilt.

Engine: 2-468 Cubic Inch Chevy with Merlin Al aluminium heads and 2-671 Moneyham blowers, 2 Engale injection on each blower, Isky cams, Wiseco pistons with Total Seal rings.

Horsepower: 2,400 b.h.p.

Transmission: 2 Methanol Artcar turbo automatics with Artcar shifter

Height: 7 feet 6 inches

Length: 17 feet 6 inches

Weight: 12 tons

Features: Hayden Transmission coolers & fans with Auto-meter gauges

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These pictures came from Extreme Machines.

This is an old video recorded at night so hard to see. The trax came around the turn too fast and rolled over.

Rolling back over.