Owner: Ed Eckert

Residence: Newaygo, MI

Hometown: Howard City, MI

Vehicle: 2001 Ford F250

Engine: 526 Chevy

Carburetion: Blown and Injected

Horsepower: 1800

Transmission: Turbo 400

Transfer Case: "CUSTOM BUILT" chain drive

Axles: F106 Rockwells

Tires: Goodyear 66x43x25 inch Terras

Weight: 11600 lbs

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James Mace sent me these pictures.

Drew Haygood, Ed Ekgert, Jim Jack, and Jim Mace

Ed Ekgert

Jim Jack and Ed Ekgert

I scanned this shot from a Monster Jam Official Souvenir Yearbook.

Don Sheehey sent me these pictures.

Paul Andrews sent me these pictures.

Elliott Miller sent me the next 2 pictures.

Here is Ed. He's a great guy, we had time to talk.

I sent photos to him after the Wheeling show & at the Cleveland show he told me he's using the 1 of him straight up in the air for his wallpaper on his computer.

That made me feel good & he remembered my name that's Cool.

Paul M Harry

That is Cool Paul. The guys meet a lot of people. Must have made an impression.

Alex Clark sent me these pictures.

Tom (Muzzler on the M-S board) sent me these shots from the Monster Jam at Gund Arena in Cleveland on 2/14/04. He deserves some good credit on these. Great pictures.

I might get some more later but I decided to go ahead and throw some your way.

Thanks, Cory Schwab

Thanks Guys.

Derrick Golla sent me these shots.

Donnie Farrelly sent me these shots.