Finally the long awaited arrivial of the all new Freedom Force monster truck is here. I recieved the latest photos of the truck in it's final assembly. After a two year build up and many assemblies to get things just right, it is just shy of a month's work to be complete. The truck will feature 3" bypass shocks, custom sheetmetal axles with ZF planetaries, light weight wheels and 6 ply GoodYear terra tires. A new Blown & Injected 468 BBC is completly ready to go into the chassis in the next few days. A website and novelties will be available in the near future, along with a ride truck to go with for easier bookings. We are currently looking for bookings for the winter season. Please contact Jim Hochstatter @ ( for any more info on the truck or for booking this truck. Thank you, Chad Mathison

This truck has also been called Dad's Toy, Deuces Wild, and Mad Max.

Jim Mace sent these shots.

Paul M. Harry sent these shots.

Here are a few photos from Duluth, MN. AMP live events show March 30-31. I was driving.

Chad Mathison