Mac and Liz Plecker

Owners: Mac and Liz Plecker

Vehicle: 1998 Ford F150 Super Cab Tires Goodyear 66x43

Engine: 460 ci Ford Axels

Transmission: Ford C6 automatic

Axles: Hurth Planatary

Tires: 66X43X25 inch Goodyear Terras

Suspension: 4 link suspension 12" travel

Weight: approx. 10,500 lbs.

These are shots I took in Bloomsburg, Pa.

I have ridden some ride trucks, but I think Mac gives one of the best rides in the business. He isn't afraid to step on it and comes very close to giving the feel of a real tire spinning donut. There are more squeals of joy on the back of this truck than in the front seat of a theme park roller coaster.

Good news from the Extreme Team. Mac asked if I had a good name for a new truck. So keep your eyes out for something new from them. If you have a good name, try E-mailing it to them.

Cory Schwab sent me this shot of the new paint job.

From Kirk Benson