Owners: Dave Marquart and Mike Nickel

Vehicle: 1987 Chevy K-20

Engine: 1970 Chevy 454 cu.in. bored to 468 cu.in.

Carburetion: Alcohol injected BDS blower

Horsepower: 1,250

Transmission: TH400

Running Gear: ProFab quick change transfer case, 5 ton Rockwells with planetaries and Detroit Lockers

Suspension: Custom leafs with 12 inches of travel, 20 Trailmaster N-7 shocks

Tires: 66x43x25 inch Firestone Flotation '23s

Height: 12 feet

Width: 11 feet 6 inches

Weight: 13,800 Lbs.

Cost to Build: $115,000.00

The truck rolled in 1987.

Trading Cards

Don Sheehey sent me the next 2.

These shots were captured from a Buffalo 1987 show.