Owner: Rob Saunders

Heres some pics from the 'Battle of the Monster Trucks' last night. Charlie's Angles Bigfoot 15, Snakebite 11, Cyclops, Thunderstruck. The truck that is similar to Cyclops but red, white, and a greenish color is called El Bandito - only one horrid pic of it lol. The red Ford Superduty is called Evolution, someone suggested its the former Tremor chassis. Yellow mid 90s Ford is Awesome Kong piloted by Rex Smith. The ride truck is called Xtreme Warrior. And no pics of it, but Fast and Furious is now a 2003 Chevy body called American Thunder. Cliff Starbird was doin the directing the races in the pits, and apparently Frankenstein now rests in a museum in Tulsa, OK.

Landon Harrison