Gary Cook: owner

Greg Holbrook: driver

Owner: Gary Cook

Greg Holbrook

I took this picture in Weedsport, NY. 1990.

Trading Cards

I took the first 20 pictures in Weedsport, NY. 1990.

I scanned these pictures from Magazines that I purchased.

I scanned this shot from Bill Holder's book "The Ultimate Book Of Monster Trucks". Photography by John D. Farquhar.

In this shot the rear suspension gave way and damaged the engine.


Equalizer won show two of 3 lane racing.

I found a video of Greg winning a mud bog on a quad in 1987.

I built this one for Greg Holbrook. It was built using the USA-1 model.

Cost to build; $18.oo Time to build; 65 hours Scale; 1/25th

Features; Hand fabricated frame/cage, I shortened the bed to resemble the S-10. I cut out the fenders. Hand fabricated the nerf bars, exhaust, cockpit, bumpers, and coil overs. I used part of a necklace to make the suspension straps. Completely hand painted.