ENID, OK. 2007

Big Ed Beckley was in charge as CFP came to Enid OK. The show included Monsters, MX Freestyle, motorcycle dirt-track, and tough-trucks.

Monster lineup:

Monster Moose Brad Campbell

Public Disturbance Jason Grill

Viper Rich Blackburn (Zane Rettew crewing)

Twisted Dragon Rob French

Iron Horse Kevin King


Monster Moose def Iron Horse

Twisted Dragon def Public Disturbance

Viper bye round


Twisted Dragon def Monster Moose

Viper def Public Disturbance


Twisted Dragon def Viper in photo finish!!



not scored

Iron Horse came out with a few big jumps on the dirt ramps and then drove to the top of the mx hill and stopped for the crowd. Kevin came down the hill and then hit the bus. Iron horse fell slightly to the left and the front tire went through the top of the bus hanging Kevin up. The loader was called out. They tried pulling backwards to no avail. Eventually the loader was able to push Kevin in Iron Horse forward up and over the bus to a loud applause!!


Monster Moose had a couple of good hits. Tried the bus but after getting hung up Brad backed out of it and did a couple of more hits on the dirt ramps and called it a night.


Public Disturbance was my pic for best freestyle. Jason was launching the truck hard over the dirt ramps and then came at the bus from the opposite side as the first two. The car/van threw Jason toward the huge hole that Iron Horse had left. PD got over with the front tires but coming off the other side the right side front tires missed the car/van stack and the right rear tire went into the hole. It looked like if Jason was to get out of the hole he would surely go over on his top. But after about 20 seconds of good tire smoke the truck flew out of the hole and luckily flopped back onto all 4 tires. Jason hit the bus several more times after that and always had good momentum. My pick!


Viper/Demon came out next. Rich was on fire keeping great momentum the entire run hitting everything several times. The truck was working great and I think thats why he didn't win. It looked to easy!! Great run but under appreciated for sure.


Twisted Dragon was out last. Rob French has always put on a show. Having the only Chevy body Rob was the crowd favorite and the crowd was on their feet. Rob hit the ramps, the mx hill and the bus once and then his left front tire went flat. That just seemed to make Robs foot push a little harder on the skinny pedal!! The motor was screaming but with the flat the truck wasnt going fast. Rob made one last hit over the bus, nearly getting stuck. The rim was spinning inside of the tire causing burnout competition quality tire smoke as Twisted Dragon finally came over the bus and came to a halt. It was a short run but by far the loudest and smokiest. Obviously thats what the crowd wanted and Rob made it 2 for 2 when the crowd picked him as the Freestyle winner in the cheer off!!



From the stands it was a great show. It had some slow parts in between events but I had a great time and no doubt all the trucks did thier best to entertain the crowd.

I had a great time hanging out with Brad and Jason as usual when they come through. I still say Jason is the funniest guy in Monster Trucks (honorable mention to Jeff Bursey). Rob French is Rob French. He is a walking, talking Reality Series all his own. Never a dull moment around him and when he is in town its always worth the money. Twisted Dragon looks great and runs awesome. Kevin King is driving Iron Horse for Rob. All the drivers talked about his driving skills. He is someone to watch in the future. Kevin stayed busy so I didnt get to talk to him much but I got a nice picture of his girlfriend in my photo albums. Truly a lucky man on that night!! This was also the first night I really got to talk to Rich Blackburn and Zane, his crew-chief. I had been talking to the two of them all night and I guess I never introduced myself because after the show it finally clicked with Zane who I was from this board. I hadnt realized it was him either!! So needless to say we had a lot more to talk smack about after that. I would look for Zane to be in a racing seat soon too as he has unlimited potential in the sport.


click for pics!!http://new.photos.yahoo.com/jim-mace...60762390211714