Owner: Anthony Cordova

Hello Dennis, here is some info on my old truck El Patron: I dont know who built the truck, but the body auctually started off as a Bigfoot body painted by Dan Patterson. Then it was Painted again by Bigfoot and used as the Macho Man Randy Savage truck. Somewhere after that the body got sold and put on the chassis that ended up my truck. The truck ended up here in Albuquerque and called "Road Rage" It was then sold and made into the KB Crusher. That's when I bought it and when I was sanding it down to paint, you could see the Macho Man paint coming through. and on the grill you could see Bigfoot blue on pieces that were chiped or peeling. I painted it green and black and named it El Patron,

I enjoyed the truck for a while and sold it to my friend Charles Benns ( 'Pitbull' and Monster Mutt Rottweiler) and is now the "Pitbull" ride truck.

 I have enclosed pictures from all pieces of the story for you to see. Thanks Anthony (SouthWest Monster Trucks)

Macho Man Randy Savage

Road Rage