OWNER: Gorilla Motorsports

VEHICLE: 2003 Chevrolet

CHASSIS: Freedom Racing

ENGINE: Chevrolet 468 cu.in. V8

CARBURETION: Supercharged and alcohol injected


TRANSMISSION: Chevy turbo 400

RUNNING GEAR: Pro-Fab Transfer case with Clark axles and planetaries

SUSPENSION: Combs 26" travel nitrogen shocks

TIRES: Firestone 66" x 43" x 25" Firestone

HEIGHT: 11ft

WIDTH: 12ft

WEIGHT: 10,000lbs

Heres some pics from the 'Battle of the Monster Trucks' last night. Charlie's Angles Bigfoot 15, Snakebite 11, Cyclops, Thunderstruck. The truck that is similar to Cyclops but red, white, and a greenish color is called El Bandito - only one horrid pic of it lol. The red Ford Superduty is called Evolution, someone suggested its the former Tremor chassis. Yellow mid 90s Ford is Awesome Kong piloted by Rex Smith. The ride truck is called Xtreme Warrior. And no pics of it, but Fast and Furious is now a 2003 Chevy body called American Thunder. Cliff Starbird was doin the directing the races in the pits, and apparently Frankenstein now rests in a museum in Tulsa, OK.

Landon Harrison


Here are some pictures I took last night at Nashville, TN. Torgison show.

Tad Goad

Hello my name is Ben O. Hodges I announce mud races at 2 tracks here in Gatesville Texas. We recently had Awesome Kong, and El Bandito at the Coryell County Mud Races.

  I took these photos of them the evening before our show and figured I would share them with you. I am sending you one picture of each. Hope to see them on your site soon. These guys really put on a great show for us. We are going to try in the future to book more trucks and do a big show as there has never been anything like this in our town. Will send pics when I get them and will try and send action shots as well.

  Your site is great. Keep up the great work.

 Ben O. Hodges

Hi Dennis,

Please find attached photos of our Aussie Monster Trucks.

All photos courtesy of the Aussie (+Kiwi) Monster Trucks Gallery - www.amt.mtm2.com

 Kind Regards,

Mark Hurley and David Carr.

photos by Harry Smith

James Mace sent me these shots.

Dennis love your Monster Truck Photo Album Site! Here are some pictures I have taken from shows I've been to. I hope you can use some on your site.

 James Upton of Nebraska