It was a great show Dennis, KSR Motorsports really wowed the crowd. The trucks looked great and everyone was very helpful. Bigfoot won both the racing and the freestyle events. Got to meet some new people and make some friends. I met Jeff Bursey's new Driver Greg Anderson, watch this kid he's gonna go somewhere in this business. I'd like to to thank Jeff, Greg, Rich, Ginna, Jack, and Steven for being so kind and putting up with me that afternoon. Rich and Mike from Demon racing put on a great show. And I have to say I'm becoming a huge Broker fan! Jim gets better every time I see him. My wife wears a Broker t-shirt to every event we go to now. Hope all is well, take care,

Donnie Farrelly

You'll notice a lovely Renee in some pictures. She's Donnie's wife, and his father is in some of the shots as well. Shots are great as usual Donnie.