Robert Moore

ORIGINAL OWNERS,BUILDERS: Fred and Gary Dykman of Tucson, Az.

To my knowledge Robert Moore bought the truck.

VEHICLE: 1969 2 1/2 ton C-60 Chevy. It was a Coca-Cola delivery truck. They shortened the frame by 8 feet and replaced the box with a pickup bed.

ENGINE: 454 bored to 475 Chevy mounted in the cab

CARBURETION: 950 cfm. Holley modified to 1200 cfm on alcohol

HORSEPOWER: 700 plus additional 175 horses from the nitrous system


RUNNING GEAR: 2 1/2 ton military axles and transfer case. After breaking both axles in their first 120 feet of mud, in went the 5 ton Rockwell axles with Detroit lockers. With the 5 tons they didn't have the right gear ratio to win mud racing, so they designed and built their own chain drive that they can easily change the gear ratio.

SUSPENSION: Basic 2 1/2 ton leafs with 2 Ranchos per wheel

TIRES: 5 foot 2 inch Rice and Cane Goodyears

FEATURES: Roll cage, Chrome roll bar and bumpers, and nine G-10 Eagle driving lights. The truck was continental blue when the black and white pictures below where taken.

HIGH LIGHTS: 1983 American Mud Bog Association Champion, as well as 1982 and 1983 National Mud Bog Association Western World Champion. Successfully climbed over burning cars. Held the record for 200 foot mud run at 6.12 seconds. Back when mud bogs where deep bogs.

For Sale

Hi Dennis,

I have another truck for sale. The Original Cyclops,will sell less name as

someone has taken the name.


As of October 6, 2009, the Cyclops monster truck is owned and operated by Jason Rivas Motorsports of Bakersfield, California.

 The truck will be transported to Bakersfield, CA., within the next few weeks, to recieve a complete restoration. Future plans for the Cyclops truck have yet to be determined- but will be released by the end of 2009.

 Thank you Dennis, I wanted you to know.

 Jason Rivas

Bakersfield, CA.

Jeff Bates sent me this shot.

Richard Scott sent me these 5 shots.

Chris Noga sent these 3 pictures.


Just thought I would touch bases with you. Just returned from California and visited Robert Moore and our truck (the original Cyclops) It has been restored to original shape.

As you know Robert Moore was the first to actually put together a monster truck and Cyclops is that truck,pre Bigfoot.

Jack Ortegel

I scanned these pictures from Magazines that I purchased.

SFC. James Mace sent me these shots.

From Don Sheehey

I built this truck for MTM2.

Jack Ortegel owner of the Undertaker Monster sent me these shots of the Cyclops mini monster. It is powered by a small block V8.

Jack Ortegel Jack Ortegel