Monster Spectacular Valvoline at Corel Center, Ontario

Hi Dennis,

Here are the Saturday show photos. These were 6 monsters in the competition. Bigfoot made a return to Ottawa after 12 years.

This picture is the promoter Chris Arel and is father Richard Arel who is the creator of Suberfoot (now Superfoot);

the first monster truck in Canada.

This was Russell Steeley's 6th week in the Iron Outlaw. He's a very nice guy who took the time to respond to all

my technical questions. Moreover, he invited me to climb into the seat and explained to me all the cockpit instruments - too cool!!

The American Guardian driven by Scott Poirier had some steering problems in the rear.

Iron Outlaw broke the ice with 3 great jumps.

Iron Warrior driven by Trey Meyers followed with a solid performance.

Bounty Hunter driven by Linsey Weenk broke a steering cylinder after a big jump over the van pyramid.

Bigfoot made a good combination of jumps and donuts.

Black Stallion made a good reverse jump and wild donuts.

Racing elimination

Iron Outlaw vs Bigfoot => Bigfoot

Bounty Hunter vs Iron Warrior => Bounty Hunter

Black Stallion vs American Guardian => Black Stallion

Racing finals

Bounty Hunter vs Bigfoot => Bigfoot took a big jump in the air and land very hard on the concrete floor

with his back tire. Bigfoot broke some steering and knuckle components.

Bounty Hunter vs Black Stallion => Bounty Hunter the winner

Daniel Gauthier

Daniel and I would like to give a special thank you to Russell Steeley for without his help we would not have covered this event and possibly more in the future, so....


Mike Vaters

Russell Steeley

Russell Steeley

Russell Steeley

Trey Meyers

Al Strickert

Pictures from Sunday's show.