Owners: Sonny and Dump Bucanan

I saw a pic of "Country Boy's Dream" on here and was wanting to give you some more info. I grew up across the street from where Sonny Bucanan(owner) used to work on his truck in the 80s. He and his brother,Dump co-own the truck now and Dump uses the truck for parades and fairs. The truck is iconic around here. The Original "Country Boy's Dream" is in need of restore and sits in Waynesboro, Va.. Which is why this one is called "CBDtoo" If you want pics or more info, email me. Thanks

Anthony Helmick

How are ya doing?

 This is a truck that's been around the area for a long time but this is the first time I saw it on 66" tires. I can remember when it was street driven. Sorry the pictures aren't the best. I took them with my phone. Don't have much info on the truck other than the name "County Boy's Dream Too" on the side of the hood.

 Joe Seaman