"It's Lima!" That is all Colin can say.

After Saturday afternoons qualifying. He thought the strikes against him were over. It all began

on Tuesday evening at his home, the transmission went in the Bullydog race truck. Crew chief; Jamie Miller brought another transmission back and replaced it. Loaded the truck in the trailer and "thought"- all was ready to rock.

Needless to say, Friday morning, Colin put the truck in reverse, that transmission went.

Thanks to Darren Green who is a big time- Demo driver, brought a spare one with ,before he left Kunkletown. The entire weekend, the announcer kept repeating the transmission dilema. It didn't end there for Colin. Saturday afternoon's event. The power stearing went. The guys rushed around to get that fixed. They did.

Colin did a great job qualifying the truck considering the shocks that he had problems with for the past year kept him landing heavy on the nose.

Dan R, Doug N, and Lionel E( Monster truck drivers)- had him bring the shocks to their pit to shim them. It did help for Sundays BIG show, until the semi-finals when Colin took the Bullydog truck end over end while racing against Rick Brandly, one of the finest drivers on the circuit.

Colin walked away unharmed. The truck was built by A&R to collapse the way it did in the back part of the truck. Leaving Colin- protected in the cock pit.

It left Colin with lots of fixing. It will be fixed and ready to rock!



As for the on-board camera.... Wife; Terri- says "NEVER AGAIN". 2 times two to many. It is a curse!

Thanks to all the drivers that called regarding Colin the day after.

This is the original Bully Dog that was wrecked.

The new rebuilt Bully Dog.