Terri, Daria, Jamie, and Colin

August 3rd-5th the Bullydog Technologies Pro-Arena/Pro-Stadium modified tough truck will be on display with all the Staff in Carlisle,Pennsylvania for one of the biggest trucks shows held in Pennsylvania. Along with the trucks will be the gang from Chrome Shope Mofia and many more famous names.

 Colin, family and crew will join this weekend of fun inside the Tents of Bullydog Technologies answering many questions from the spectators.

 From there Colin will travel to Sussex County New Jersey, The West End Fair, Wildwood New Jersey. In September he will haul out to Indianapolos Indiana for the final race of the year for www.familyevents.com competing with some of the finest modifed drivers, Jeff D, Rick B, Sonny D, Roger C and many more.

 The newly bought truck was originally owned by Rory Campbell/Pro-Comp. With seat, and track time the Bullydog truck will be back in Victory circle for the Dorshimer Team.

 The 2007 season was a difficult one for the once No Boundaries team. A hard decision to change the well known truck name to Bullydog. But, Colin felt he was in need of a change and one that he feels was the right choice. The team is a family owned/operated one. Colin can be seen at the events with his Wife; Terri, Daughters; Daria and JamieLee, Brother-in-law/Crew chielf; Jamie Miller. And Darren Green, Ernie Frantz/crew.

 You can "Always"- bet on Colin being one of the fastest competitors in the sport today!

 Thank you Bullydog Technologies! You have made a difference in our team.