Due to the flooding in July and the postponed show, this year was expectedly the worst since I've been going. There were eight Monster trucks there. Six raced then Grave Digger joined them in the freestyle section and the eighth one was Iron Warrior which was out of the hauler with transport tires on it. Not part of the show, just making room in the hauler I guess. I only went down for Saturday, so Trey may have run Friday or Sunday, I don't know. Rammunition won the racing as best I remember, but Charlie Pauken in Grave Digger was hands done the best in freestyle. I was hoping to see Dennis but wasn't to let down when I saw Charlie.

My Dad Carl drove my son Tony, my fallen best friend's son David Keys, and myself done too Bloomsburg. We registered Dad's Blazer then drove done in the pits to find the No Boundaries Race team. We got a great reception then checked out the Awesome new truck. Then old friends Mike Fussa, Charlie Wagner, and Speedy caught up and hung out with me all day. We stood in the rain and had a great time. Thanks guys.