This year was great, I have been going to Bloomsburg since I think 1992. This was the first year I didn't leave the fair grounds all weekend. Colin and Terri Dorshimer, owners of the No Boundaries Pro-arena truck let my crew pitch tents by their hauler. Thank you so much for the great weekend. My friend Dave and his son, my Father Carl and Rose, and my sons Alex, Tony and his friend Kalvin, and myself went. Since we didn't have to go back to a hotel or camp ground, this was the first year I stayed for the Saturday night show and fireworks. It was too dark for pictures but what a show. Later Saturday night around midnight, we went for a walk through the Monster Truck pits and nearly everyone was up trashing on the trucks because they ran them so hard during the show. I'm not one for who won what, by the next show it really doesn't matter. Who impressed me the most were T-maxx, Eradicator, and Nitemare, they have really stepped up their game. Andy Hoffman did a backwards jump straight up over a station wagon pyramid and broke the shocks on landing, I didn't see that coming from Andy at all. Then there is Mr. Excitement himself. Jim drove the Avenger like he stole it. It rained a good part of Friday and some on Saturday so the grass was wet and the yard was muddy. Many of the trucks tried to do wheelies because the crowd in Bloom loves that. No one was getting the nose up. Along came Jim, He got it up and walked it on the frame the length of the field, went over the box truck and got it up again, then came back and walked it back down the field again. I must be getting old because I was tired and sore, as was my crew, so we left Sunday before the Monsters came back out to run. So I didn't get nearly as many freestyle shots that I would normally and that was a disappointment to me, but I had a great time. We spent some time with Bob Chandler, and all the monster crews, I saw my old friend Kirk Dabney for the first time in about six years. Hung out with Richard Scott for several hours Saturday, and that was great Rich. If you ever get a chance to see Rich, ask him to show you his scrap book, you wouldn't believe some of the trucks he has in there. I also got to hang with my good friend Andrew Palochko.

David Keyes Jr., Dave Keyes, Mr. Bob Chandler, and my son Tony. This was the second time I got them to pose. The first time I forgot there was no film in the camera.

Daria Dorshimer and Trey Meyers

I know this is a bad shot but it will show why the shocks broke for the next shot.

Pictures from Kelvin Youmans.