Bloomsburg was the worst it's been in the 18 years I've been going. They have a huge in field but the race lanes had 4 cars in them. One single jump then finish line. For Freestyle they had 2 van stacks in front of the stands and one dirt ramp that was there for the ride truck was in the field across from the stands. Nothing in the rest of the field. The trucks for the most part hit the brakes when they came to a jump and basicly rolled over them. If Family Events wants us to keep coming to the Jamborees they need to go back to putting on a show. The Tuff and Pro-arena trucks track was bad as well. They had little 5-6 inch speed bumps then 2 jumps. Speed bumps- boring, first jump not bad, the last jump was way too steep. Drivers were endoing their trucks, and some were getting so high they were getting hurt when they landed. It was so bad that even though I paid for the all 3 days, I packed up and left at 8:00 am Sunday morning.

I took these first shots with Alex's new digital camera. Great for stills in the pits but not good for catching racing. I'll get my 35mm film developed and have them up soon.

Air Dog was driven by Michelle Simpson.

Fancy Nancy, Tod Weston, and Kid KJ (Kaid Jaret Olson-Weston).

Kid KJ drives the Monster Bear at age 8.

Driven by Bob Holman.

Driven by Dave Radzierez.