Alex in the truck.

After the last fan left the autograph session Saturday night, Trey Meyers invited my family to go down in the infield to sit in the truck. He put each of them one at a time in the drivers seat, showed them the safety stuff, and how to work the rear steering as I took their pictures. Then we got a group shot. In the last picture above they are from left to right: My sister's son Jayme's friend, Jayme, my son Tony, my Sister Sally, Trey Meyers, my son Alex, my Brother Dan and his son Kasey.

Sunday after the show, Dan and Kasey, Alex, Tony, and I stayed around and helped Change the tires, and pack everything up to move the circus on to the next town.

I would Like to thank Mike, Trey, and the guys at the track for everything they did for us over the weekend.