The show was June 4-5, 2005.

Black Rock is a local clay based dirt track about 20 miles from my house. My Father and Brother have both raced at this track and my Brother-inlaw has raced here for years. The track came under new ownership last year and they have some great ideas to put the track at the top once again. It is located in Dundee, NY. and well worth driving a few hours to sit in the seats.

Trey Meyers (Iron Warrior) called me a few weeks ago and asked if I was going to the show. I had planned on going to Syracuse as I do every year, but since they wanted me to come and Syracuse is a 2 hour drive, change of plans. I called Chris Marquart, the Promoter and voice of Black Rock and He gave the boys and I full access passes for the weekend. Chris is the one seated in Black Stallion below.

Mike Vaters set up the show with Black Rock. He told them how to promote it, how to run it, how to set up the track, and how to get the people to want to see it again next year. Mike told me that he wants to bring the Monsters to small town America. As you know the big cities with big and small arenas have hosted shows for years. But around my area people think there is something wrong with me for being crazy about Monsters, because they never saw the trucks in person. Mike and the guys really woke up Dundee with these two shows.

The weekend started with the Dairy Festival parade Saturday morning. They took Avenger and Brutus on a lowboy through the parade, which my son Tony and I got to ride on. Mike towed his novelty trailor and Jet Quad behind us, and Mike's son Mike and his friends rode their dirt bikes behind them. Here are a couple pictures my Father took with an instamatic camera at the parade.

Performances by:

Mike Vaters- Black Stallion

Trey Meyers- Iron Warrior

Chris Bergeron- Brutus

Jim Koehler- Avenger

Mike Vaters- Phsycho Jet Quad

Young Mike Vaters and friends- Dirt bikes

Ordinarily I would not go to a show with only four trucks and expect to be very good. I'm not kidding when I say the boys and I were blown away with this one. The four guys above know that it is hard to do a show with only four trucks so they gave an extra effort for their new fans. They raced hard, and they freestyled like it was Bloomsburg. The crowd was dead at first not knowing what to expect, but when Iron Warrior crossed the center line and collided with Avenger they were on their feet and hardly sat down the rest of the weekend.

Mike Vaters won Racing and Jim Koehler won Freestyle Saturday.

Chris Bergeron won Racing and Mike Vaters won Freestyle on Sunday.