BILOXI, MS. 2007



I took these pictures of Pouncer in Biloxi, Ms. last weekend. Truck was driven by Dale Mitchell. Allen's new Predator truck. This truck was built in a months time and this was the third weekend out for this truck. The new Monster Mutt driven by Candice Jolly. Candice calls it Spot but I call it Dalmation. Intigator is driven and owned by Lionel Easler from Kissimmee, Fl. This truck used to be Bad Influence owned by Donnie Smith. If you look closely by the rear of the truck, you will notice a decal that Lionel is sporting for me. The decal was put on after the Pit Party before the Saturday evening show.

David Kranak


First of all, I just want to say that I LOVE your website!!!! You do a bang-up job and I wish there were more website's like yours that us monster truck fans could enjoy.

My friends and I went to a Monster Jam that was held here in Biloxi, Mississippi this past weekend and we had a BALL!!! It is exactly what this town needed. We all have not been the same since Katrina and this lifted everyone's spirit. I wish we could have a whole lot more events like this. These guys don't know how much we appreciate it. Anyway, I now have all of my friends hooked on monster trucks. Candace Jolly in Monster Mutt Dalmatian tore it up all weekend long. She won racing and freestyle the first night and took all four the second (wheelie, donut, racing, & freestyle). I got some okay pics (still trying to work the camera), but if you can use them, please do. My favorite pic is of An Escalade during the National Anthem. Very neat pic!!! Well, I just want to say thanks and pay tribute to all of the Men and Woman of the United States Armed Services. We can't thank them enough.