BATH, NY. 2008

The event was the 189th Steuben County Fair, Aug. 15. This is my local fair, my parents took me here when I was little and we in-turn took our boys to the Fair here as they grew up. However, the monsters have never been to Bath other than to do displays, and the Dairy Festival Parade that we took Avenger and Brutus through a couple years ago. I called Jeff Bursey a week before the event and told him this was local for me and I would like to come help with the show. He said great, so we hooked up in the pits. You all know I have been to many events since 1988, so I didn't expect much from 3 racers and a ride truck, and I knew there was no room for Monsters at the Fair. But I had the time of my life. It was like going back to old school, up close and personal with the trucks and drivers. My son Tony caught up with us when he got out of work, so he and I got up on the Fair stage to get the best pictures I could. Talk about front row seats. I don't think we were 25 feet from the crush cars.

Jack Brady gave rides all afternoon till show time and that is one of the classiest rides I've seen. The Monster, the hauler, the uniforms, it all looked great. Jeff Bursey not only drove TowMater but also announced the event. He told me later that he had more fun announcing than driving. He said that was about the most excited crowd he has seen. I told him that this was probably the first show most of them have ever seen. I've known Rich Blackburne for a number of years, but never got to see him perform. One word, Awesome job, OK that's two words. Rich was getting great air in a very small area. Joe Sylvester was the fastest and wildest one on the track and a super guy in person, (cute girlfriend too Joe). Joe also did some freestyle on his quad, very talented young man. Doug Danger did a great jump over Bad Habit on a motorcycle, sadly the picture didn't turn out. After the show, I stuck around and helped Jeff tire down TowMater and load the rig. I can't wait till next year. You want an awesome old school atmosphere with new school trucks you have to go to a KSR Motorsports event right away.

Jack Brady and the Mopar ride.

Jeff Bursey and the TowMater.


Rich Blackburne and the Viper.

Joe Sylvester and the Bad Habit.