OWNER; Jeff Dane of Killeen, TX.

BODY; 1984 Ford F-150 stepside

ENGINE; 1,710 cubic inch Allison V-12 aircraft engine

CARBURETION; 4- 930 cfm Predators and a turbo charger


TRANSMISSION; Allison CLT-750 5 speed automatic

RUNNING GEAR; parts from a tank hauler, beach recovery vehicle, and 140 ton crane

SUSPENSION; 2 1/2 ton and 5 ton leafs and 12 Rancho shocks

TIRES; 73X44X32 inch Goodyear Terras

FEATURES; tilt hood,and bed, 4 inch Grizzly double chrome roll bar

COST TO BUILD; $275,000.00

WEIGHT; 18,000 lbs.

Here is some info I found on the engine:

Key Specifications (Prior to racing modifications)

 Model V-1710 G6R/L (V-1710-143/-145)

 Application All models: Major production included P-37, P-38, P-39, P-40, P-46, P-47, P-51A, P-63, P-82

 Engine Type V-12 Piston Aero Engine, 60° "V" (angle between banks)

 Material Aluminum heads, water jacket, crankcase; Steel cylinder liners; Forged aluminum alloy pistons; Magnesium oil pan

 Bore x Stroke 5.5" x 6.0"

 Compression Ratio 6.00:1

 Supercharger type Two stage engine driven supercharger, 10.25" engine impeller, 12.1875" auxiliary impeller

 Supercharger Ratio 7.48 engine stage, 8.087 (R) and 8.03 (L) auxiliary stage

 Anti-detonation 50:50 water-methanol injection anti-detonation injection (ADI)

 Fuel System Bendix-Stromberg SD-400D3 speed/density injection

 Weight 1,595 lbs

 Power 2,250 hp war emergency rating (WER) at 3,200 RPM & 101" Hg (35 psig) boost "wet" (w/ADI) and 115/145 PN fuel

 Performance 325 psi BMEP (brake mean effective pressure)

 Max. Piston Speed: 3,200 ft/min

 Firing Order RH turning: 1L-2R-5L-4R-3L-1R-6L-5R-2L-3R-4L-6R

LH turning: 1L-6R-5L-2R-3L-4R-6L-1R-2L-5R-4L-3R

Timing Ignition: Intake fires 28° BTDC, Exhaust 34° BTDC, Sparkplug gap = 0.012-0.015"

Intake: Valve opens 48° BTDC, Closes 62° ABDC, 0.015" clearance (cold), 0.533" lift

Exhaust: Valve opens 76° BBDC, Closes 26° ATDC, 0.020" clearance (cold), 0.533" lift

Total Manufactured 70,033 total, from #1 manufactured Aug 13, 1931 through s/n A-074125 completed June 2, 1948

Jeff Dane


 Here are 2 pictures of the good ole' days. Quality of pictures is not so good.

Thank you, Steve Dane

Please use any monster truck pictures I have posted as you would like. Your web site is a great source for correct and accurate information regarding monster truck history.

Steve Dane

L to R: Bob Taylor, Steve Cain, Jeff Dane, Pete "Tank" Hoffland, Steve Dane, Diane Kiplinger, and Glen Coleman.

Steven Dane and Scott Wilson

I scanned these pictures from Magazines that I purchased.

Richard Scott sent these 3 shots.

I built this truck for the Monster Truck Madness 2 game.





These shots were captured from Return of the Monster Trucks.

These shots were captured from an Anaheim 1987 show.

This one was one of my earliest models. It was before I learned to copy every detail in the chassis, engine and the rest of the truck. The model was built using the Krusher and Scavenger monster models.

Cost to build; $22.oo Time to build; 20 hours Scale; 1/25th

Features; Hand fabricated frame, tilt hood and bed, and rear mounted engine. I had to use a V8 because I couldn't find the V12 that should be in this truck. Completely hand painted.