OWNER; Jeff Dane of Killeen, TX.

BODY; 1984 Ford F-150 stepside

ENGINE; 1,710 cubic inch Allison V-12 aircraft engine

CARBURETION; 4- 930 cfm Predators and a turbo charger


TRANSMISSION; Allison CLT-750 5 speed automatic

RUNNING GEAR; parts from a tank hauler, beach recovery vehicle, and 140 ton crane

SUSPENSION; 2 1/2 ton and 5 ton leafs and 12 Rancho shocks

TIRES; 73X44X32 inch Goodyear Terras

FEATURES; tilt hood,and bed, 4 inch Grizzly double chrome roll bar

COST TO BUILD; $275,000.00

WEIGHT; 18,000 lbs.

Here is some info I found on the engine:

Key Specifications (Prior to racing modifications)

 Model V-1710 G6R/L (V-1710-143/-145)

 Application All models: Major production included P-37, P-38, P-39, P-40, P-46, P-47, P-51A, P-63, P-82

 Engine Type V-12 Piston Aero Engine, 60° "V" (angle between banks)

 Material Aluminum heads, water jacket, crankcase; Steel cylinder liners; Forged aluminum alloy pistons; Magnesium oil pan

 Bore x Stroke 5.5" x 6.0"

 Compression Ratio 6.00:1

 Supercharger type Two stage engine driven supercharger, 10.25" engine impeller, 12.1875" auxiliary impeller

 Supercharger Ratio 7.48 engine stage, 8.087 (R) and 8.03 (L) auxiliary stage

 Anti-detonation 50:50 water-methanol injection anti-detonation injection (ADI)

 Fuel System Bendix-Stromberg SD-400D3 speed/density injection

 Weight 1,595 lbs

 Power 2,250 hp war emergency rating (WER) at 3,200 RPM & 101" Hg (35 psig) boost "wet" (w/ADI) and 115/145 PN fuel

 Performance 325 psi BMEP (brake mean effective pressure)

 Max. Piston Speed: 3,200 ft/min

 Firing Order RH turning: 1L-2R-5L-4R-3L-1R-6L-5R-2L-3R-4L-6R

LH turning: 1L-6R-5L-2R-3L-4R-6L-1R-2L-5R-4L-3R

Timing Ignition: Intake fires 28° BTDC, Exhaust 34° BTDC, Sparkplug gap = 0.012-0.015"

Intake: Valve opens 48° BTDC, Closes 62° ABDC, 0.015" clearance (cold), 0.533" lift

Exhaust: Valve opens 76° BBDC, Closes 26° ATDC, 0.020" clearance (cold), 0.533" lift

Total Manufactured 70,033 total, from #1 manufactured Aug 13, 1931 through s/n A-074125 completed June 2, 1948

Jeff Dane

I took this picture with a video capture card from a TV show.


 Here are 2 pictures of the good ole' days. Quality of pictures is not so good.

Thank you, Steve Dane

Please use any monster truck pictures I have posted as you would like. Your web site is a great source for correct and accurate information regarding monster truck history.

Steve Dane

L to R: Bob Taylor, Steve Cain, Jeff Dane, Pete "Tank" Hoffland, Steve Dane, Diane Kiplinger, and Glen Coleman.

Steven Dane and Scott Wilson

I scanned these pictures from Magazines that I purchased.

Richard Scott sent these 3 shots.

I built this truck for the Monster Truck Madness 2 game.





These shots were captured from Return of the Monster Trucks. click for the show.

This shot was captured from an Anaheim1987 show. Chick for show.

This one was one of my earliest models. It was before I learned to copy every detail in the chassis, engine and the rest of the truck. The model was built using the Krusher and Scavenger monster models.

Cost to build; $22.oo Time to build; 20 hours Scale; 1/25th

Features; Hand fabricated frame, tilt hood and bed, and rear mounted engine. I had to use a V8 because I couldn't find the V12 that should be in this truck. Completely hand painted.