Hey Dennis,

I`ve been a monster fan since the early 80`s and a big fan of your site since I found it, Keep up the good, no, make that GREAT work!

Now about the tank and myself. My name is Randy Barton, I`m the guy that built BUGZILLA, 4x4 Volkswagen on 44`s around 1992, sold it around 95 and built a class 5,6 rear engine mud racer with KB hemi, I had a lot of fun and then sold it last year... then it was time for something new...a TANK !

I e-mailed Richard Scott to see if he knew of any that was still around might be for sale. We didn`t have much luck, but that was ok because I like to build things, so I found a junk yard in GA. that has about 30 M75 APC`s for sale, I bought one and fired up the gas hatchet.

I have a Chevy Lumina mini van that I was going to put on it, but my wife and I thought that a cool looking flip top roll cage would look better, more crazy, and be a better advertising look for our business.

I hope you like the pictures, I will send some more when it is closer to being finished.

Thanks and keep up the great work,


I scanned these pictures from Magazines that I purchased.

Mechanically, my tank is about 85% done. I have a 454 in it, and a TH400. This winter, I'm going to put a blown big block in it, but for now, I'm going to concentrate on finishing the roll cage and paint. That should all be completed in the next couple of months. Enjoy the pictures and I'll keep you updated.



Jesse Hock, and his Daughter Alexia sent me these shots.